Sister Goddess Energy

Nurturing women’s friendship and connection in one’s life not only enriches one’s own life, it helps heal the world! When women, and men that love them, create shared space and celebrate the creative expression, nurture, sensuality, softness and heightened social/ emotional intelligence, something magical happens.  Not only are the individuals’ experiences heightened, so is the energy of the group as a whole.  Holding honor for the Divine Feminine uplifts us all.

The realms of the Dance and Music offer unique channels for this expression.

Feel the rich heritage of the Goddess through the eons upon our planet. Form a personal relationship with this Force and welcome the Mystery.

This page honors significant Mentors upon this path, some seen and some unseen.

Special thanks to Serena Wilson, Jehan, Syrena and Hannah, Carolena, Ramzi and Siham El-Edlibi,  Sharron Rose, Gazelle, Siyaha, Kriti, Leslie, Gloria, Bianca and the many dancers whom have shared performance for their unique empowerment upon this dance path.

A Very special Thanks to David Epstein, photographer of the magical garden shots that captured special moments indeed.

With gratitude to the Divine Feminine

From very young I remember thinking that the nurturing qualities that were assigned to the God I learned of in Sunday school were, in fact, quite like a mother might give.  I wondered about God as Mother — a Goddess I could relate to personally, at least with inclusion with the familiar Fatherly God.

As I mature into my wisdom years, I can now see the clear imprint that Divine Feminine Force has played in my life!  And yes, in such a very personal way.

These pages honor significant mentors upon the path of personal discovery.  I include them here that others might also be connected in with the paths of uplift, wisdom and community of kindred souls.

Friends and Mentors on the Path of the Divine Feminine

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Sharron Rose

Sharron has been a long term mentor and friend, ever inspiring those attracted to her bright light. An eloquent scholar, creative movie maker, vibrant dancer and choreographer she illumines this path with scholarship and grace, carrying forth her unique ability to help others access the mystical realms both mentally and experientially.


By Sharron Rose

It begins with a heartbeat, a breath, a quickening. Out of the still, silent waters of the mystic ocean of eternity, a tiny droplet of light slowly emerges, like the full moon reflected on the water. The doors of your perception swing open and your senses reach out like shining beams of moonlight to embrace the infinite rhythms and expressions of creation. As you relax into the expansive beauty of this universal dance, soothing waves of celestial grace surround and caress you in a never-ending stream of warmth and tenderness. Your heart opens as you feel the gentle touch of the Divine Mother, the supreme light and energy of Divinity, nurturing and enlivening the clear luminous flame of your own immortal spirit.

Once upon a time, in the sacred societies and temples of the ancient world, women were respected and revered as the living embodiment of their divine role model, the Great Goddess. Their bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation, as radiant temples of Divinity filled with the vital healing and transformative current of light and energy that ceaselessly pours outward from the Primordial Source of all life. Deeply in tune with the inner world of spirit and the outer forces of nature, women were known as the “Keepers of the Sacred Mysteries.”

Student of Sitara Devi


Choreographer of the Dance of Isis, Hathor, Saraswati, Laxmi, and Durga, all which provided practitioners the felt sense of the qualities of those Goddesses.

From her book:

There is a sacred current of light that runs throughout time and space – the light of the Divine Feminine. It is a continuum. It arises at the birth of creation and forms a sacred path into the denseness of matter and back again. As we descend from the fullness of this light into the depths of the material world, this light is always there to nourish and sustain us. Flowing through all our lives and incarnations, it is the vital and transformative current of truth, virtue and integrity, a shining stream of spiritual essence that leads us along the path of emanation to the path of return and reunion with the Primordial Source.

Performer with Ramzi Edlibi


Sacred Arts Practitioner

“Sharron’s techniques for working with Tantra are both practical and powerful. Her knowledge of the Goddess is deep-felt and genuine; her manner sincere. Her poetic Goddess imagery filled me with positive feelings about my spirituality and myself. Listening to her opens doors in your mind, and you wind up understanding more about yourself than when you started.”
~Sage Woman Magazine 

Newest article!  Mary Magdalene, Apostle of the Apostles

by Sharron Rose


Cultivating the Goddess with Jehan

Belly Dance America in NYC

Living a Life cut from the cloth of the Goddess herself, Jehan’s devotion to the Divine Feminine force has been an important guiding and mentoring source for many souls upon the path. Empowered by her husband Hanna, with addition of their beautiful daughter Syrena and their heart felt community, Belly Dance America remains a shining beacon of Light for the musicians and dancers attracted to this path. Within the poetry and rhythmic lyrics of her music, further mystery lies waiting to be revealed 

From her website:

Jehan – Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer: Jehan’s lyrics are spiritual poetry – tales of dance, love, passion, women’s awareness and empowerment. Her music is a magnetic blend of sensual vocals, exotic melodies and driving rhythms creating a diversity of song from meditation/trance to pulsing dance grooves. Jehan has recorded music from traditional Arabic songs to world beat fusion. A renowned bellydancer, Jehan performs and teaches worldwide. She is the founder and director of the Temple of Jehan dance school dedicated to sacred bellydance – preserving Middle Eastern dance traditions and exploring evolutionary styles.

The hypnotic Jehan, has performed from the grand concert halls of the west, to the temples of the Middle and Far East. She presents the passionate beauty of traditional Middle Eastern and multi-cultural music and dance in her exotic shows – dazzling the senses and sending the imagination soaring.


In honoring Jehan, let us note the legacy of Serena Wilson– whose museum is located through Belly Dance America in midtown New York.


Serena helped to legitimize Belly Dance and remind us of its ancient roots through writing books about it and keeping her professional studio running into her mature years.

The Ancient Wisdom continues as the baby in that beautiful belly of Jehan’s now has emerged as a dynamic woman of power, grace and beauty in her own right…. carrying the name Serena… now Syrena Nikole.




Priestess Path and Alisa Starkweather

One of the most profound experiences in learning the art of sacred time & sacred space in which to find our authentic selves  has been the Priestess Path Apprenticeship— envisioned and facilitated by Alisa Starkweather. My participation in her amazing program has given me the gift of personal expansion. Gratefully, also, lifelong friends for which I am truly grateful.

ALisa Starkweather is the founder of many powerful women’s initiatives; the Red Tent Temple Movement, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conferences, the women’s mystery school, Priestess Path Apprenticeship and co-founder of the international women’s initiation, Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within.



Alisa offers The Priestess Path 

and Permission to be Powerful

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