Body Artist

Swirling colors were Rainbowheart’s signature moves that kept him sought after for years to receive that magical touch.  Many folks commented that after he had traveled through, they noticed more choice towards color and vivacity in their daily lives.

Musician and Friend

Home and Family

In partnership with his long term friends and business partners, Echo Carolena, and later Shasta Lynne, a colorful house was always ready for  musical parties with an array of vegan culinary treats! Gardens with bunnies and plenty of kitties included! Partnerships morphed through many forms while maintaining the unity of community through the women’s guiding force.

Rainbow Family

Community Builder

In empowering women to connect as sisters and men to connect as brothers, the spirit of the Rainbow Family was perpetuated beyond the bounds of the Rainbow Gathering and into daily life, consciously cultivating community beyond the realms of competition and into the realms of cooperation.

Bunny Love

Easter Day Parade

The nurture of bunnies throughout the year led to the highlight of Easter Day Parade at NY’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  A time to share bunny love with all!

Music with a message

A community of musicians

Not only were people attracted to Rainbow’s community because of the shared artistry of color and art, but also through the power of the music.  Song writer’s and singers of exceptional talent and illumined souls came together to celebrate the spiritual uplift of shared artistry.

Nature Lovers

Celebrating Earth’s Beauty

Travel time was a significant part of the Rainbowheart experience and sharing in the wonder of nature, near or far.  Mt. Shasta was an especially significant journey to make to experience firsthand the high vibration this special mountain offers.