Visual Honor to Rainbowheart’s and Carolena’s Memory through Music and Photos:

The Rainbow Girl and mermaid Artwork is by Alexzandra.  Other artwork on this video includes: Alex Gray, Gilbert Williams, Carmela TalBaron, David Epstein, and more.

The Musical Production of this song is by Jon-Jon with Little Buddha Studios.  The co-singer is Alexzandra.  We are all deeply grateful for the high quality of artistry that they offered to the finished product.

The lyrics can be found on the Lyrics web page.

Rainbowheart’s Original Music

With You (wav)

Chasing Shadows (mp3)

Loving World Celebration (mp3)

Closer With You (wav)

Love Fantasy (wav)

This is Now (mp3)

In The Temple of Your Mind (mp3)

With You (mp3)



Cosmic Decrees:

The Cosmic Decrees that Rainbowheart put to music, using lyrics from the book “The Power of The Spoken Word” by Summit Lighthouse Press were definitely heightened in their impact by the amazing voice of Carrie Chapman.  These powerful decrees were unfortunately never professionally produced and the cassette recording turned digital is of poor quality.  There is an effort being made to work on these professionally by Anton of ShastaSong  so that others can enjoy.  We are deeply appreciative of his skillful efforts towards this end.