Dennis K. Miller grew up in Aptos, California to Barbara and Paul Miller, with three brothers and one sister: Curtis, Kevin, Craig and Karla.  He got married in California and set about a regular life.  The fullness of his Spirit, however, could not be contained within a traditional life and significant changes soon set about.  When he branched out, he branched out BIG!

There are three aspects that we honor here to represent that story of his own transformation, as well as the path of transformation that he opened up to others.  Rainbowheart as: Body Painter/Glitter Artist, Musician and Songwriter, Lover of the Goddess.


Glitter Body Painter

Gitter Artist

Dennis Rainbowheart crafted his life to form a career in which he was sought to glitter elite parties personalizing the glitz right down to the point of his paintbrush!

Whether sparkling a delighted child, adding a touch of the debonair to the men, or titillating the chests of women, he offered something truly unique and special within his body art.  It was, in fact, a quality that sustained not only his own career for over 30 years, but provided a mechanism to bring many other inspiring artists into the magical  parties in New York and beyond to craft their own versions of the Rainbow glittery touch.

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Troubador –Merry Music Maker

A man with a song in his heart for every occasion!  Rainbow’s music offered uplift, substance for meditation, and images of connected and inspired community, dynamically alive in Universal Love.

As he expanded into the name Rainbeauheart, it honored and named the “Beau” that he was to the Divine Feminine Force.  This love was deep and authentic, beginning with the experience of the Divine Mother when he was very young, and moving into the lover of the Goddess as he grew, devoting many songs of love to that universal fountain of Love.

Explore for yourself on the following pages the poetry and the positive messages within his unique resonant heart expanding sound.

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Version 3

Lover of the Goddess

A dream I had which revealed this gentle spirit, Dennis, as a gardener of the most lovely flowers–all with plush velvety petals and sweet aroma within an enchanted ambience–helped me to understand the unique quality that served as magnetic attraction to women throughout his life.  Not only were these women truly lovely on the outside, but also of a refined spiritual essence.  This underlying essence helped expand one’s limited and jealous mindset, surpassing the challenges to welcome the personal growth guided by Soul.  Most clearly does his devotion to the Goddess come through his music, but it is also evidenced in the quality of sisterhood among the relations of the women in his life.  by Jewel

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