Version 2

In Memory Of

Carolena Precious Heart

Nurturer, Dancer,

Creatrix of Magic

Carolena expanded hearts and minds through the quality of deep soulful connection that could be felt within the myriad forms of service she offered through her actions based in love.  Passionate dancer, she showed us the way to embody the Goddess.

Glitter Body Painter

In Memory Of Rainbowheart Magic Maker

Dennis Rainbowheart/ Rainbeauheart pioneered a colorful, unique path, carrying a song in his heart, cultivating the Love of the Goddess and connections of sister and brotherhood,  leaving a trail of sparkles wherever he went!    

Lover of the Goddess in her many forms, seeking to be in service to the Christ teachings of Love.  His musical messages offer a path of spiritual uplift.  Missed by many, we celebrate him upon these pages.



Jewel Heart Dancer –Web Designer and Writer

A first time process that arose from the desire to share meaningful uplift in an open-hearted, open-minded community, honoring those whom have passed and celebrating the aliveness of those of us still here!

I am certain that with such meaningful Helpers from the Other side, we can be reminded that we are not alone!  A midst life’s chaos, let us come together and celebrate the Spirit Divine within us all.

Celebrate with a Song in our Heart!  Find the Peace Within.  Give Gratitude for the Blessings in our Lives.  One Love.


And All of YOU!

If you have been drawn to these pages perhaps it is because you have a story to share of your own, artwork you made, a song you wrote.  Each one of us is a precious Light of the Living Spirit.  May we embrace it and lift one another up.