To uplift hearts and minds through celebrating artistic community with messages of Hope, Good News, Beauty and Love–offering a platform to share Art from the Heart.  To offer Legacy Pages for Carolena and Rainbowheart in honoring precious memories.

pink lotus flower on river in thailand


Why this web site exists

When dear hearts pass away from our lives, earlier than we might expect sometimes, it is an opportunity to reflect deeply upon the meaning of life.  Why do we make the choices that we do? Choices that inevitably lead to other choices, and to others, creating a serpentine path that carries a thread of wisdom throughout.

In recognizing the gift of reflection, one can benefit from seeing the lessons learned, the gifts given, the joys and sorrows that teach through allowing the feelings.

This website comes from processing my own feelings and finding within them the desire to share highlights –of wisdom, joy, gratitude, self-expression. In the power of artistic expression–story, music, dance, art-we are given a force that can unify and uplift beyond the mundane. Though these pages were inspired with the idea of creating a legacy to precious hearts that have passed, they are also to serve as a forum for celebration of the self-expression from those still with us.  The “Art from the Heart” pages are just beginning and carry invitation for your contribution.

These pages also exist to honor the inspiration to be found through conscious relationship to the Divine, the I Am, the Higher Self, the Soulful Center, of our own beings.  First, and Foremost, in recognizing that everything that comes into our lives comes from a Sacred Essence that seeks to teach us through our experiences. In our understanding, we become more refined and evolved.

As I invite and embrace that knowledge personally, I invite you to partake in my own life’s journey—celebrating those whom are part of my treasured community…. inviting you to be a part of it.  A part of the community of humanity.

As my precious friend Alexzandra says:



You and Me

for Humanity.

May we so live it.

Blessings in our evolving process,

Jill Dianne